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Some Church leaders are discouraging followers from taking Johnson & Johnson's vaccine due to its use of cells descended from fetal tissue. Live updates | Track US cases | State-by-state travel restrictions
Arizona governor orders schools to reopen to in-person learning by March 15 The long-awaited, one-dose Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine has now been administered in the United States.
Elected Republican who supports Biden's bill speaks out Jeff Williams, the mayor of Arlington, Texas, is urging his fellow Republicans to support President Biden's Covid-19 relief bill to help local cities recover from the pandemic.
These Texas chains will still require masks once the state's mandate is lifted The end of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi has created a dilemma for businesses: Keep such safety rules in place to protect against Covid-19 spread, as leading health officials advise, or follow the two states' decisions and loosen restrictions.
He was days away from getting dosed. Then he got Covid-19 Just days before he was supposed to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, 88-year-old Leonard Davis contracted coronavirus and died 10 days after being admitted to the hospital. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.
Opinion: What's happening in Texas and Mississippi has to stop The historic winter storm that crippled Texas during the third week of February spotlighted the Lone Star State's pervasive history of structural racism. Similarly, it revealed how seemingly universal crises, such as climate change and catastrophes sometimes referred to as "acts of God" affect some communities much more severely than others.
These neighborhoods were once more affordable -- but the climate crisis is changing that • Analysis: The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022
'Neanderthal thinking': Biden slams Texas and Mississippi for lifting Covid restrictions despite pleas from experts • Senate bill will narrow income eligibility for $1,400 stimulus checks • CDC director urges people to keep masking and distancing
Unaccompanied kids being held by Border Patrol for 77 hours on average, internal documents show Migrant children crossing the US-Mexico border alone are staying in Border Patrol custody for longer than three days on average, overwhelming capacity at border facilities and indicating a crisis taking shape, according to internal documents reviewed by CNN.
US stocks are mixed as bond yields rise 
First on CNN: Rep. Jackson made sexual remarks and drank while working as White House physician, watchdog finds • Analysis: What will the GOP do about their Ronny Jackson problem?
Capitol Hill security increased around chatter about March 4 conspiracies US officials on Wednesday alerted lawmakers to a potential threat against the US Capitol on March 4, for which security has been enhanced as a precaution, less than two months after the Capitol complex was stormed and lawmakers' lives were threatened by rioters.
Pence claims there were irregularities in 2020 election. Hear Dale's response CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks claims former Vice President Mike Pence made in an op-ed, where he alleges that there were "voting irregularities" that took place during the 2020 US election.
Cuomo says he 'never touched anyone inappropriately' and rejects calls to resign New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday apologized for his behavior toward several women who have accused him of making unwanted advances but denied that he ever touched anyone "inappropriately" and rejected calls to resign.
DC National Guard general says 'unusual' Pentagon restrictions slowed riot response The commanding general of the Washington, DC, National Guard testified Wednesday that he did not need authorization from Pentagon leaders before deploying troops in response to protests at the nation's capital last summer but that changed in the days before the January 6 insurrection.